The thing about writing every day is this…

The more I write, the more I seem to think of. Last night, I was overcome with this idea for Confessions of a Teenage Mindreader. It’s a bit off-genre for me, and I’m not sure I have the entire thing worked out but my own teenage and tween children were wanting to read something I’d written and most of my stuff is too long or too racy for them.

The good news is that they loved the story and want to see more. The bad news is that I really *am* in the middle of another project. I’m currently writing Old Enough to Know Better and it’s right in the middle of the good part. I’m trying to hit publish by 10/21 which is just a week away so I need to get it to the editor ASAP.

I couldn’t resist though, so I posted the first chapter up on Wattpad. I’m new to Wattpad but I love the community, I’ve been reading on Wattpad for a few months now and I lveo that the other authors are so encouraging and helpful, I can see a lot of raw talent there in the community.

So here it is… Chapter 1 of Confessions of a Teenage Mindreader