Sneak Peek from Personal Assets


“Why Portland, Kels?”

“Because I don’t want to meet up with anyone I know and because none of the men here interest me. If they’ve chosen to live here then they’re already not interesting. I’ve always wanted out of Bend and if I have someone there who is helping me out, I’m more likely to escape this little town and finally move to the city.”

“How are you even going to afford commuting back and forth for dates all the time when you can’t even always afford the drive to work?”

Kelsey’s crooked smile revealed that she had a plan, and she outlined it all for Amanda to review. When Amanda heard it, she laughed. “Oh my god, I knew you were ridiculous, but this takes the cake. So you’re just going to sit at the same coffee shop all day long and meet with each one of them? In one day? I don’t know if you’re a genius or a lunatic.”

Kelsey didn’t know either, but she was glad that Amanda was able to babysit and doubly glad when she asked for 10% instead of a flat rate for this adventure. Amanda was going to invest her evening in Kelsey’s success. This meant that Amanda would use all of her fashion super powers to help kelsey pick an outfit that would work for this adventure.

Personal Assets is a romance novel that follows Kelsey’s recovery from poverty and a sexless post-divorce existence, with the help of Charles and Michael, two wealthy men who give her the best of both worlds. Which world will she choose? Personal Assets will be released on April 1st in print and on Amazon’s Kindle. Check out Jane Smith Writes on Amazon for details or subscribe to Jane’s newsletter and keep reading this blog for more sneak peeks into Kelsey’s world.