Romance readers are scaring me ;)

I’ve been studying on the Romance reader forums to learn more about what readers like and don’t like about romance stories. This series, Blissfully Divorced, is quite a stretch from traditional romance. I’ve always liked diary format books and I didn’t realize there wasn’t much else like it out there. I’m excited to see how well it does because I have like 5 different diary type book ideas that I plan to put into this series. I’m slightly concerned that readers will hate me because it’s different. It’s not that I care about being hated by people I don’t know, I’m just concerned that when my second series launches they’ll assume it’s a diary format and won’t even try.  I’m equally concerned that everyone will absolutely love it and I’ll feel pressured to continue writing in diary format for fear of losing my audience.

Either way, I’ve actually removed all of the content for Kathryn, Emily, Jaya and Michelle’s diaries for the purpose of consistency and will be reformatting and editing them a little.  Let’s be honest, they weren’t perfect and since I’m seeing income from them I’d like to ensure that their quality is perfect before I proceed to publish more.

This started out as a fun adventure to see how many diaries I could crank out during a rough time in life when I didn’t particularly want to be me.  Peeking back at the earnings a few months later I realized that wait.. making money is totally me but publishing substandard copy really isn’t.

I’m looking forward to getting these back from my editors and relaunching them.  I hope you’ll stay with me and follow along as my characters enjoy their new, divorced lives.

<3 Jane