Resources for Productive Writers

Resources for professional writersI recently asked members of 14 Facebook Groups for Authors the following question:

The number one reason I unsubscribe from writer’s newsletters is negative email headlines like “Stop procrastinating” and “Finally, you can finish your novel” and “10 tips to focus better and finish in 2016” Why so many negative assumptions all the time? I get it that there are a lot of people who live in a world where they can’t seem to finish something but what about those of us who ARE FINISHING but still need to learn more. Is there a resource for writers that assumes we’re actually writing? I usually sign up for marketing, formatting and plotting tips, not to be shamed as if I were unproductive. I just hit publish on my third book this month (no they weren’t all started this month) and I’m looking for resources for ACTIVE writers. I write about 5000 words per day. I don’t want to see headlines that say “200 words a day? You can do it, here’s how.”

I wanted to share some of the resources I found.  It turns out that there ARE resources out there that are geared more toward professional authors rather than newbies, and here are some of my favorites that I’ve found so far:


Writer Hangout on Slack

I’ve used slack for freelance projects, for that full-time job I had. I even use it to keep in touch with my kids to coordinate transportation, dinner, social activities and household chores. I just signed up for this writer’s hangout.  I’m slightly concerned that “hangout” might mean chatting and not writing, but I can always silence the notifications.


I absolutely love the idea of using psychology to craft compelling characters. I have high hopes for this resource. I have subscribed, I have not poked around the website much.

C Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers

I’ve subscribed to this for…. jeez it feels like ten years now.  Definitely a good resource, since I haven’t unsubscribed, it’s safe to say I endorse it 🙂

Geoff Shaw’s Kindling

I just signed up for this and it’s more than I would have spent if not for the glowing recommendations.  So far, when I log into the member’s area, I like the way it’s laid out.  Each topic (and there are TONS) is listed on the left sidebar and you just work your way down.  I skipped the first few in order to get to the meat and bones, but I like the way he integrates text, video, audio and outside resources.  it’s really well put together and the Facebook group looks super active, and not in a chatty “here’s a copy of my latest book” way (is that even productive?) it’s REAL working authors giving and getting actual technical advice about the craft of writing and publishing for Kindle (though many of the authors “go wide” and publish elsewhere as well.  This just might be the best money I’ve spent on my writing career.


Live Write Thrive

I just subscribed to this newsletter, since it was recommended in the responses to my post.  I’m not impressed with the first headline I see on the website since it happens to be exactly the sort of negativity I’m looking to get away from.  “9 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block” isn’t something I can relate to but the second one down “Layering 10-20-30 Scenes in Your Novel” is more promising.  Also, the free eBook that comes with subscription “Strategic Planning for Writers” looks promising.


This is one of those online course programs. The cool thing about this is that all the courses are free. they appear to be well-organized and if you’re into printing certificates of completion you can buy one when you’re finished.

The Creative Penn

This is a huge resource, but I’m a little bit wary… This author writes about writing a lot, but between her name and her pen name, she, doesn’t seem to be making much on Kindle (about $450 a month).  That doesn’t mean she’s a bad author, she could be selling more in print than in digital.  It does, however, cause concern that perhaps her methods won’t be applicable to my business model.  I was specifically advised to check out her podcast and I have downloaded her free eBooks for writers (I’m such a sucker for those).










If you have positive and helpful resources to recommend for writers who are ACTUALLY WRITING, please leave a comment here. I’d love to follow up on this post at a later date. Thank you