Remember This Moment*

Divorced mom Jaya is determined to remain fiercely independent. Her previous marriage left her broken and unwilling to give love a chance. Besides, she has children and needs to be a good role model. Obviously that means working her ass off to support them, right?  She’s got it all planned out. She’s going to explore her sexuality, maybe even try something crazy like BDSM and go on fabulous dates with someone.

Unfortunately, that someone ends up being Paul. Dr Ainsworth accidentally killed his wife a few years ago and he’s just as broken as Jaya is.  You’d think that would make them the perfect couple, since they’re both broken and neither one of them actually wants to be in a relationship.  Paul is afraid he’s going to accidentally kill her and Jaya is afraid of the vulnerability that comes from depending on someone.

But when tragedy strikes, Paul is instrumental in rescuing Jaya’s kids from her deranged ex husband.  Maybe there is a love interest in the works.  But can it survive Jaya’s near-death experience?









*This is my very first full-length novel. I’m sure I’ll get better at this. I also edited it myself and I’m not sure I’ll get any better at that, so let’s be gentle please and focus on the story itself.