Jaya’s divorce from an abusive ex has left her fiercely independent and protective of anything that might cause chaos in the life of her and her two small children. She isn’t looking for love but she misses the physical touch of a man. She’s determined to find a partner who will stay out of her personal life so she can build her career and become even more independent.

Paul’s has focused solely on his career since the accidental death of his wife but he still can’t forgive himself and decides that Jaya is better off finding a man without such a tragic past.

Will another accident bring them closer together or will he lose her forever?
Will this stubborn couple set aside the ghosts of their past in order to build a future?

Ashley and Melanie have been friends forever, and haven’t seen each other since Ashley made “an arrangement” with a wealthy Doctor. Their wild weekend in Las Vegas begins in this book, when Ashley challenges Melanie to see who can bring back $500 first. Melanie brings back more than Ashley bargained for and the adventure begins.