Jane also reads

In my quest to fully immerse myself in the world of writing and romance, I’ve been reading romance novels on kindle. Syncing each of my devices was a bit tricky, I have an iPhone, an iPad and a Macbook Air. At some point, I must have changed my Amazon password or something because each of these devices was signed in and showing an entirely different library. In order to resolve it, customer service had me sign out of everything, reset my password, sign back in and then sync it all. I love that I can be sitting outside dance school waiting for my daughter and reading on my phone, then come home to my iPad and it’s already still opened to the same page where I left off in the car. technology is so cool.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Love Lessons for Lisa; Club Eros: Book 1

This book was such a quick read. I enjoyed that the main character had several partners throughout the book. I thought it was unbelievable that someone could be so not sexual in the beginning of the book, but that’s a key element to the story and I imagine it’s probably true to someone’s reality. Personally, I’m a bit over sexual, so I couldn’t relate but I was rooting for her when it finally came down to it.  I’m going to call this a happy-for-now ending because it’s book 1 in a series and because I just learned that phrase. I love that the story was her journey into sexuality and that she didn’t skip out of the plot in order to have her first time occur with her love interest. I was scared for a minute that she’d forego the lesson plan.  Sorry for the spoiler.

You matter to me, now

This one… honestly, I couldn’t finish it for clunky dialogue and strange phrasing. I’m wondering if it’s a translation or something.  I’m listing it here as a lesson because this one cost me $1 whereas the other one was free.  I do plan to run free promotions of my books when they come out, I think it’s great for building reviews and drawing readers into your body of work.  If I had read the review before purchasing this book I might have thought twice.  Part of me wonders if the sentence structures here were just too smart for me. It just didn’t flow or make sense.  I chose this book because the title hinted at emotional distance and the cover art was super sexy. Lesson learned.

Hooked on You

This has been, by far, the sweetest story I’ve read this week.  I saw it coming from a mile away, nevertheless, I love the story. I love that the main character’s fumbling loved ones hatched up such an elaborate hoax to save her from herself. The happy ending here wasn’t annoying at all, I really was afraid that the stubborn characters wouldn’t figure it out, I was equally afraid that they’d find love and never know that they had been tricked (that would have pissed me off).  I do recommend this one, also a quick read.