Happy Endings

My latest two books were a personal exploration for me. Loosely based on my real-life adventures, I decided to write happy endings to stories that weren’t over yet or ended poorly.  It’s been therapeutic, and in real life, of course, our stories don’t really end. Even when we die, the people around us live on to finish their stories.


I’ve had enough of the personal stories for now and, in the vein of Daddy Mama, I’m going to be writing another completely fictitious story from scratch.  I’m plotting it right now and it’s shaping up to be super sexy, with some mystery, some suspense and of course, great sex.


I took an online course called Storytelling for Social Profit. I love how the organizers brought together amazing world-builders to talk about ways we can change the world, through our stories.  It’s exactly what’s been on my mind for the past few months and exactly what motivates me as I’m crafting my stories. I wouldn’t say that my stories have that power yet but I do think it will definitely take a series to tell enough of a story that people can feel empowered to bring the mindset of change into their daily lives.


I’d love to see women and minorities empowered, I’d love for the values that make one a billionaire to NOT be the values that destory the lives of other people.  The real-life Charles of my current book Hunger, while he wouldn’t have made a great romantic partner for Kelsey, he was a good man who wouldn’t dream of doing business in a way that destroyed other people.  I’d like to build worlds in my stories where people like that are rewarded, and our currency is no longer representative of the people you’d knocked down, but the people you’ve lifted up.


Here in the US, our current President built his empire by ripping off small businessmen. He exploited regulations, paid off inspectors and slithered into his success like a snake.  I’d like to see billionaires in my stories who are good men, deep down.  It doesn’t have to take away from their alpha dominance, just like a woman’s business sense doesn’t necessarily make her a less nurturing mother. Real people aren’t characters, they have a balance, a symmetry that makes them beautiful and I think I can accomplish this in the next story I’m writing.  Stay tuned for Dirty Bosses: A Virgin Twin Stepbrothers Romance.  Yes, the title is a mouthful. But it’s shaping up to be a hell of a story.  I’ll post a link when the preorder page is live.