Changes in the work flow

OK, I’m pretty good at stringing a story together. Good enough that I don’t think that hiring ghost writers is my next step to success. However, as I’ve been hacking away at this for the past few months I’ve come to realize that the cover for Remember This Moment was simply not sexy enough. Additionally, it needed the touch of a professional editor. So today I republished it with the edits in place and a brand spanking new cover. It’s done pretty well thus far, so I’m hoping the sales don’t suddenly tank because of the revamping. I love what the editor has done for the book and I am hoping the new cover will attract more readers. ¬†The previous cover wasn’t quite as sexually charged as it should have been and the part in the story where the main man actually says “I want you to remember this moment” was so hot that the platonic hug of the old cover didn’t do it justice.

For your comparison, here’s the new cover on the left and the old cover on the right. ¬†Click on either to purchase the book. And have a wonderful day.