HEA or HFN endings?

I had to look this up, I was browsing through some websites for romance publishers and it said that all stories must have an HEA or HFN ending. I discovered that HEA meant “happily ever after” and I’m assuming that HFN means “Happy for now” I could be wrong about that. I understand stories need […]

Romance readers are scaring me ;)

I’ve been studying on the Romance reader forums to learn more about what readers like and don’t like about romance stories. This series, Blissfully Divorced, is quite a stretch from traditional romance. I’ve always liked diary format books and I didn’t realize there wasn’t much else like it out there. I’m excited to see how […]

Mundane Details

What blog wouldn’t be complete without some mundane details about the my real life?  I was a busy girl today. The realization that writing romance stories could soon be more profitable than my day job has left me feeling slightly under excited about work. In the non-romantic world, I’m a project manager at a startup company. […]

Jane Smith’s First Blog Post

I just discovered that the romance novels I’ve been writing have actually been making money.  This might not be my real name. If it is, please don’t worry about which of the scandalous things in my books are true and which ones are fantasy.  To be honest, most of them are fantasy, inspired by a […]