Do writers ever do this?

Like confess that maybe the story they just told was probably not Grapes Of Wrath caliber.  I’m sort of new to fiction but I’ve been writing nonfiction professionally for nearly 16 years.  At first I wondered “How different can it be?” Even nonfiction articles and books need to have a logical beginning, middle and end. […]

For Love and Money

Several years ago I had a conversation with some of my ex husband’s friends’ wives about an ebook I had purchased about writing romance. I knew these gals from a church function we used to attend, an annual picnic. One of them (lady #1) started writing romance right away, another one (lady #2) thought about […]

Sneak Peek from Personal Assets

Amanda “Why Portland, Kels?” “Because I don’t want to meet up with anyone I know and because none of the men here interest me. If they’ve chosen to live here then they’re already not interesting. I’ve always wanted out of Bend and if I have someone there who is helping me out, I’m more likely […]

Inspired Again

Ugh, a few months ago I was all gung ho to get these books edited professionally and start writing romance again and I think I just flaked big time. That’s OK, I happen to know that only like 12 people are reading this blog and I am SURE they have other resources. Until then, I […]

Jane Prefers Smut

When I was a kid my grandfather used to tease my Grandma about reading smut. She had thousands of those bodice-ripping romance novels all over the house. I never got into them but I always wondered what they were like. Grandma got pretty annoyed… dare I say… flustered… when she was interrupted.  Grandma’s smut was […]

Jane also reads

In my quest to fully immerse myself in the world of writing and romance, I’ve been reading romance novels on kindle. Syncing each of my devices was a bit tricky, I have an iPhone, an iPad and a Macbook Air. At some point, I must have changed my Amazon password or something because each of […]

HEA or HFN endings?

I had to look this up, I was browsing through some websites for romance publishers and it said that all stories must have an HEA or HFN ending. I discovered that HEA meant “happily ever after” and I’m assuming that HFN means “Happy for now” I could be wrong about that. I understand stories need […]

Romance readers are scaring me ;)

I’ve been studying on the Romance reader forums to learn more about what readers like and don’t like about romance stories. This series, Blissfully Divorced, is quite a stretch from traditional romance. I’ve always liked diary format books and I didn’t realize there wasn’t much else like it out there. I’m excited to see how […]

Mundane Details

What blog wouldn’t be complete without some mundane details about the my real life?  I was a busy girl today. The realization that writing romance stories could soon be more profitable than my day job has left me feeling slightly under excited about work. In the non-romantic world, I’m a project manager at a startup company. […]

Jane Smith’s First Blog Post

I just discovered that the romance novels I’ve been writing have actually been making money.  This might not be my real name. If it is, please don’t worry about which of the scandalous things in my books are true and which ones are fantasy.  To be honest, most of them are fantasy, inspired by a […]